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And Love Is In The Air

The glowing blush of Spring will soon be,
New buds will flourish into blooms,
A beautiful splendor will greet us,
With fragrances of light perfumes.

Red tulips, blue lilacs, lovesí roses,
Loveliness to behold our eyes,
We'll watch all beauty burst in array,
Tints of soft pinks, gentle blue skies.

And love is in the air glorious,
Rosy flushes bring sweet delights,
Nature creates and sweet lovers bloom,
And moonlight glimmers days and nights.

Itís a vicarious time of dreams,
Changeable gleams and smiles catch eyes,
Mood swings and hearts fluttering higher,
Bringing sad blues or blushing sighs.

Just as all the beauteous flowers,
Spin their glory into bouquets,
Life and love stirs and blends in surges,
Streaming happiness all our days.

And love is in the air resplendent,
Itís magnificent and sightly,
Flamboyant and colorful sweet love,
Flowing through hearts eíer quietly.

©Sondra McPherson
January 30, 2005

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Music: " The Color Of Love"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used With Permission