~ An Hour With You~

I am just an old grandma,
Sitting in my rocking chair,
Wondering if anyone,
Even cares that Iím there.

The phone is on the table,
Just inside the door,
I should have it disconnected,
It doesnít ring anymore.

Itís not that it doesnít work,
The bill is paid when due,
It just sits silent in the hall,
While I wait to hear from you.

I try to call you twice a week,
To let you know I am ok,
But the answering machine,
Tells me youíre away.

I thought you would return my call,
Whenever you got home,
I guess you are just too busy,
Now youíre not alone.

I would love to hear your voice,
It would make me happy to hear you speak,
If you could find the time,
To call just once a week.

I thank the

Lord you have someone,
To spend their time with you,
I guess Iím being selfish to wish,
That sometimes I could be included too.

When you reach my age,
And wait by the phone,
I hope someone will call you,
So you wonít feel so alone.

Iíll be sitting here,
In this old rocking chair,
And if you ever want or need me,
I will always be there.

Gayle Davis

Midi playing "Longing" By: Bruce Deboer
is copyright © by

Used with permission.
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