~ An Hour With You~



 A Special Kind Of Love

This is the day of love,
Celebrated once a year,
I am so very blest to have,
Your precious love so dear.

You are there in good times,
You are near when times are sad,
Oh, my cherished love each day,
You make my heart e'er so glad.

I can count on you without doubt,
I know you will be close at hand,
You are the music of my soul,
The skilled maestro of love's band.

You bring melodious tunes to the air,
By the touch of your lip's honeyed kiss,
My heart's enraptured by your pleasing touch,
Your infinite loving ways are sheer bliss.

I thank heaven for our treasured love,
Sharing as daily our devotion thrives,
Clinging to hearts steeped in ardent love,
There is nothing we cannot survive.

Gayle Davis©
January 17, 2005



Midi playing "Love So True" By: Bruce Deboer
is copyright © by

Used with permission.
Please go and buy his music.