~ An Hour With You~

As morning sweeps across the land,
I am awakened to Your endless love.
A radiant gift flowing from Your hand.

Each wondrous day, afresh and anew,
like sweetly misted, aromatic roses,
caressed in newness of morning dew.

Yesterday with all it's failures,
is cast into the depths of the sea.
A new beginning, innocent and pure.

Today, Your tender mercies I embrace.
As the warmth of Your love encloses me,
I'm tearfully enraptured by Your grace.

Fluttering in the crisp clean air,
settling gently down upon my soul,
a blissful moment, unique and rare.

Your refreshing unfailing grace,
is like a delicate Heavenly kiss,
planted reverently upon my face.

revised 8/28/01



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Music: "Mercy And Grace"©

Music By: Elton Smith Lyrics By: Larry Holder
Used With Permission