~ An Hour With You~

 Youth, Where Hast Thy Gone?

I sit in front of the mirror,
Carefully looking at my reflection,
There are lines across my face,
Denoting youthful interruption.

Youth was here just yesterday,
Or, so I would sternly avow.
What happened so very quickly?
Where has it gone and how?

I remember being so contented,
With the life I led with speed,
Now I try to recall the hours,
Finding myself in impetus need.

Age has overcome my body,
It is taking over my mind,
I search in vain for youthfulness,
It is elusive, not in my power to find.

The reflection staring back at me,
Is not the image I yearn to see,
Yet it moves not from the glass,
Reality has come courting me.

I slowly retreat from the image,
Staring at me with an aged face,
I refuse to become the older woman,
Lacking in opulent youthful grace.

Gayle Davis
June 22, 2003

Music: "The Happiest Times"
* Jalal's Musical Compositions *.
Original by Jalal Ali *Jalal's Musical Compositions*
Composed and Sequenced By: Jalal Ali (JMC)

Permission Granted