~ An Hour With You~

Your Gift To Me

The greatest gift you gave to me,
Was not one the world could see,
It was not made from the purest gold,
Or sparkling diamonds for me to hold.

It was not colorful gems set in a row,
Or valuable pearls that oysters grow,
It was a hug however slight,
Or a kiss in the darkness of night.

Three little words, “I love you”,
Meant more to me than presents do,
Expensive dresses and designer shoes,
Can’t compare with my love for you.

You gave me a single rose,
And like its beauty our love grows,
The thoughtful things you so often do,
Make me want to be with you.

A kiss can make the world go round,
A simple hugs lifts me from the ground,
These things are worth more than silver or gold,
And by your side, I want to grow old.

Gayle Davis
© 2001.

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