~ An Hour With You~

Your Desire

Is it your desire to set me apart
From this secular world, and ways
To write all, that you want to relate
Taking…. Years, months or days

Or if it’s your wish to have me
In a room where I sit and wait
Doing what you ask of me daily
Not a moment, will I hesitate

If your plan, is to join together
Chosen people, to follow your will
Doing works that lasts forever…
As you beckon, we’ll gladly fulfill

If it’s your desire for me to devote
All of my days to your cause
I am honored to accept the request
Not wanting any applause….

For my will is to show my love
And listen whenever you speak
I want only to please you….
It’s your approval that I seek

Whatever you desire from me
Lord, I pray…. I hear you voice
Wanting to be available to you
Always…. That is my choice!

Judith Johnson Kypta
Copyright © 2004





Music: He [McGuire Sisters]

Used With Permission