~ An Hour With You~
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~~ You Have Been My Guiding Light ~~

So many times in life, you meet someone
Who blesses, your life each day,
And it brings back, a side of you
That you have hidden away.

You have been that light for me
So I thought that you should know,
Just how very precious you are
You have reached my inner soul.

Everyone in life needs an angel friend
I have found that friend in you,
You have helped me over a lot of fears
And heartaches that I had hidden to.

I want to send you a birthday wish
That comes right from my heart.
May god grant you many blessings in life
And may our friendship never part.

I wish you a very happy birthday Gary
For being so good to me,
You took the time to care enough
To help set my heartaches free.
Love Elaine.

Happy Birthday My Guiding Light

Author:  Ann Hart
July 2004
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Music: I Knew A Friend

Permission Granted
By: Elton Smith