~ An Hour With You~

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You, In The Morning

I awake in the morning,
I am filled with sweet bliss,
Joyful songs swirl inside me,
With a warm, welcome kiss.

The feelings I experience,
Are from the touch of you,
You are truly amazing,
In all the things that you do.

My heart is pulsating,
At the slight touch of your hand,
My face is afire as you slowly,
Draw an invisible band.

It is bonding us together,
As sure as it were steel,
I love you precious darling,
We’ve a union of love so real.

Your control me completely,
By the look in your eyes,
Your kisses make me weightless,
As in elation my heart flies.

I alight in a dream world,
Yet it all starts anew,
When I lift my head,
To focus my eyes upon you.

I love you my darling,
You make the mornings bright,
My world is so happy,
You are my glowing light.

Gayle Davis
August 25, 2003©







 Music: "Touch Me In The Morning"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall  Permission Granted