~ An Hour With You~

With You

As we walk together everywhere,
How I can feel the love of you,
And my heart longs to be forever,
With you, I know your love is true.

As we look into each otherís eyes,
I can see your kindness that flows,
Then it wells in me, I sense a warmth,
With you, I know compassion glows.

As we talk I feel you are smiling,
Within your heart and now I see,
Iím happy, Iím loved, and I have joy,
With you, I know weíll always be.

As you take my hand and lead me to,
A place we can sit down and rest,
I feel such gentle love, Oh itís sweet,
With you, I know Iím ever blest.

As you speak I listen with an awe,
Thereís no one who can make me feel,
So wanted, and cared for, and I live,
With you, I know this sweet loveís real.

As we spend time together sweet scents,
Flow Ďround me, Oh the lovely rose,
Youíre beautiful Jesus and I am,
With You, I know my Love I chose.

©Sondra McPherson
December 28, 2004

Music: "Everlasting Love"

Original Composition By: Yuko Ohigashi
Used With Permission