~An Hour With you~

Wish I Was A Clown


Wish I was a clown
Cause I could look silly
Have fun all the time
Laugh, giggle and be just who I am

Clowns don't have to be flawless
Don't have to be thin and dress to perfection
Even though they wear make-up
It does not have to be perfect

So I wish I was a clown
Then I could have some fun
Could sing and dance around
Make serious grown-ups laugh
And tickle children's funny bones

Hum-m-m-m I wonder if God
Would like me to be a clown
To make his loving children
Feel happy even when they're sad
And feeling kind of down

For I know if I was a clown
I could be as silly as I'd love to be
Because no one would even know
That silly, funny clown was me

©Donna J. Kramer
Aug 28, 2004



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