~An Hour With You~


Winging Their Way Home


Our son and daughter-in-law
Love with all their hearts
Their kindness and love
Radiate out for all to see

My son flies a commercial airplane
I know where ever he flies
Our son  will always remember
We will always be here for them

For our love has been forever
They have always been there for us
We will always be there for them
For our love will never die

We know if we need them
To help us in anyway, good times or bad
They will be Winging Their Way Home
For our love has always been unconditional

We know they'll always love us
No matter what we say or do
Protecting us from the cruelty of the world
Especially when we need their loving care

It's good to know if we need help
In our elder years
Our children love and respect us enough
They will be Winging Their Way Home
To help Dad and I in every way

©Donna J. Kramer
Sept 18, 2004







Music: On The Wings Of Love

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Given



Page Assembled By: Donna