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When son ,John was around four,  he was the most inquisitive kid you'll ever meet, which isn't all bad,
but it sure drove poor Dad up the wall. I was reminded the other day of this ditty I wrote
 way back in 1951,  by way of his grandson,John Thomas, who is almost as nosy as his
Grandpa' was; here then is an ode to four year olds in general-
to John William and his grandson, John Thomas.


What are those sparklies way up high?
They're stars, son--
But Daddy-why are there so many stars in the sky?
I don't know, ask GOD-he put them there.

Well why can you only see them at night?
Because in daytime, the sun hides them.
Well, could I, if the suns not so bright?
I guess so, Johnny------

Then---can we cover up the sun?
No, we can't-it keeps us warm.
Then--we could hold it down for fun--
No--we can't--it's too hot.

If I could climb up way so far,
I'd ask GOD if I could
hold a star,
then I'd really, really hold one,

Just for play, and just fun,
maybe bring one to my Mother,
and one--maybe--
for my brother----

Son,you are a bold one.----------
Dad-why is grass so green?--
Why are some people

Betty C. Daniels
November 21/04

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Music: "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"
Magical Musical Place for Children
Original Sounds by: Eugene Hayek
Used With Permission