~ An Hour With You~


Why in my thoughts have I seen you,
Is it because I needed too,
Why make me fall to pieces though,
With sorry tears on my pillow?

Why today is your face so clear,
Are you that close, that very near,
Why can I feel you taunting me,
You knew I wanted us to be?

Why can I remember the whys,
Of you leaving and urging cries,
Why would you go, tearing apart,
The love of us and break my heart?

Why in all these years are you close,
Do you think you love me the most,
Why, is your heart weakened all through,
And what do you want me to do?

Why I fall to pieces living,
All the love of your heart giving,
Why me and now, when you’re leaving,
Am I the cause of your grieving?

Why, I will never understand,
Oh you are a traveling man,
Why you hardly stay in one place,
And my love will you ever face?

©Sondra McPherson
September 15, 2004



Music: "I Fall To Pieces"- Patsy Cline
Sequenced By: Deb Ackley
Permission Granted