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Where Is All The Sunshine Gone

Where did all the sunshine go
That made me laugh and play,
Why does darkness fill the air
To haunt me day by day..

My heart was once a happy heart
But now its strip and gone,
Leaving me, with nothing but pain
Oh where did I go wrong,

My body shakes inside me now
From pain I have to bear,
My mind is full of confusion
From the anguish and despair.

Nothing takes the pain away
Everyday I just get worst,
Sometimes it makes me wonder
Why I seem so cursed.

I try so hard to be a friend
To those who pass my way,
I have such stress to cope with
That no one wants to stay...

How much more "Dear Lord" I cry
Before this wears me down,
How much more can I endure
Before my body hits the ground..

I see no hope in sight for me
The signs are all around,
That this vessel of a body
Wears nothing but a frown...

Written By Ann Hart
March 8th 2004




Midi playing "Just Shadows On My Pillow"
is copyright by

Used with permission.
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Artwork:When Sorrow Comes in Summer Days,
Roses Bloom in Vain
by John Melhuish Strudwick