~An Hour With You~













Where's Mommy And Daddy ?

Alone, hungry and afraid,
Little one hiding,
Left in piercing darkness,
No one providing.

Eyes raining tears,
Heart beating wild,
Fear creeps in again,
Small-forlorn child.

Silent movement occurs,
Seeking human touch,
Looking in every room,
Why am I left so much?

The bruises will slowly fade,
Screamed words tumble in memory,
Broken bones begin to heal,
Will someone just love me please?

I am so afraid,
I need someone to care,
If arms would only hold me,
My fears to share.

I am only a little child,
Helpless in every way,
Will you please love me,
Will someone hold me today??

Gayle Davis
December 3, 2004



Midi playing "Tears For All The Children"
By: Bruce Deboer;
is copyright by

Used with permission.
Please go and buy his music.