~ An Hour With You~

When Love Comes Calling

When love comes calling at my door,
I'll look into his eyes and see,
He's meant for me Oh this I'll know,
My one and only love to be.

When love comes calling I'll be thrilled,
I'll see his blue eyes and then smile,
Knowing a love is just for us,
We've both waited such a long while.

When love comes calling we will be,
Speaking of God's words guiding us,
Miracle Maker of this love,
Promising us that we He'll bless.

When love comes calling we'll be high,
Up in the heavens we will soar,
Our love's so chosen just to be,
By our Lord's Hand touching loves' door.

When love comes calling we'll be free,
To love and share each other's heart,
Our Lord has wrapped us just as one,
Yes we'll love Him never to part.

©Sondra McPherson
April 16, 2004

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Music: The Magic Of Love

Sequenced By Jack Hall
Used With Permission