~An Hour With You~



I well remember the times,
My heart goes there to reminisce,
To remember the simple days,
When life was not so amiss.

A stroll down a country lane,
Holding hands with my mate,
No need to hurry and return,
Things back then could wait.

Children playing games of tag,
Tin cans made into telephones,
No need for constant supervision,
They were safe playing alone.

Fun to feed a hungry calf,
From a bucket held in the hand,
Mom and dad would watch in glee,
As kittens wandered all around.

Oh I long for the simple life,
We had in times gone by,
For the simple pleasure lost,
My heart often sighs.

Gayle Davis
October 9, 2004



Music: "Visions Of Time Gone By"

Original composition By: Mel Webb
Used With Permission