~ An Hour With You~

Years have passed since I was a child,
Skipping down this old dirt lane,
The innocence enjoyed back then,
Will ne'er be quite the same.

Happily I raced along,
Kicking stones in my path,
My heart was contented then,
Knowing naught of relentless wrath.

But alas, the years take a toll,
We learn lessons as we age,
The innocent little child in me,
Has felt the sting of rage.

Yet I am still a child at heart,
I find happiness in every day,
When the clouds cover my view,
The sunshine chases them away.

I can go back in my mind,
To the old abandoned dirt lane,
Be that skipping little child again,
Though life I cannot change.

I will love those around me,
Giving of this aging heart,
Until I leave this world behind,
That little child will be a part.

Gayle Davis
November 15, 2004


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Music: "Awakened"
Words and Music
Rhesa Siregar & Paul Gentry
Used With Permission

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