~ An Hour With You~



When I Meet My Maker

When my life has come full circle,
And my Maker I shall meet,
I'll finally be rewarded,
And sit there at His feet.

No more cares or worries,
No more toil or strife,
I'll spend all of eternity,
Blessed with Eternal Life.

I'll be with all my loved ones,
Who were taken before me,
We'll finally be together,
And each other we will see.

When I meet my Maker,
I hope to see you there,
It's important that I see you,
Because I truly care.

My Maker's waiting there for me,
In that Mansion in the sky,
I'll be there in all my glory,
Until then, I'm flying high!

©Rebecca Ann Rence
November 02. 2004






I have had this Art since 2000...I cannot read the name shown on the art,
and I have searched through search engines for all Christ and/Jesus images to no avail.
Anyone knowing the Artist, please contact me.  I believe it is the work of a Master Artist of the Past.

Music: "Softly and Tenderly"

Sequenced By: Don Carroll
Used With Permission