~ An Hour With You~

When I Go Home

Someday I will leave here and go away
Never no more shall I come back this way,
I am going up yonder with family and friends
To a place filled with glory, never to end

I will see my mom and my dad up there to
With angel wings, a heavenly view.
Up there. No more, will I cry in despair
No more will I suffer, and groan with fear

So many loved ones are gone before me
Preparing a Mansion so full of glory,
I try to picture them all in my mind
Singing new praises forever in time.

It wonít be long now, another mile to go
Then my journey will be finished below,
I cannot tell the hour or the day,
But I canít tell you with Jesus I will stay.

Written By Ann Hart
July 24th 2004©




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Music: "How Awesome Is This Place"

Written By: Ralph Merrifield,
MIDI By: Richard Garber & Elton Smith