~ An Hour With You~

I am the good shepherd, and know my sheep, and am known of mine.
John 10:14

What Would You Do?

When the darkness of night falls,
Closing the shutters on the day,
Will you remember our Lord Jesus,
Or will you forget to kneel and pray.

Does the darkness help you to hide,
Things you do not want Jesus to see,
Would you invite Him inside your life,
Or hope in your neighborhood He will not be.

Donít you know Jesus can see,
Through the darkness of the night,
You canít hide your acts from Jesus,
Or dim His ever-glowing light.

What would you do if you met Him,
Look straight into His loving face,
Would you bend to wash His feet,
Or deny This Man of Majestic Grace.

Would you ask Him to sit down,
And take a load off His tired feet,
Would you offer Him collation,
Or be ashamed our Lord to meet.

Would you offer Him your bed,
To allow Him much needed rest,
Would you tell the world He was there,
Or try to hide your Heavenly Guest.

Would you open up your heart,
And invite our Father inside,
Would you be glad He came,
Or refuse Him this place to reside.

Can you stand before our Lord Jesus,
And His Father on judgment day,
Stating truly that He is your Lord,
Or would you be, forever sent away.

Can you claim a place in heaven,
And sit beside the Father on high,
Singing along with the band of angels,
Or be cast out for not drawing Jesus nigh.

Gayle Davis
November 8, 2002©

Artwork: Lost No More © Greg Olsen and is
used with his permission. You must display
this logo with the link back to Greg's site.

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