~ An Hour With You~

Artwork Walk Together by Gail Goodwin

Walk With Me

Hold my hand dear friend,
Walk with me today,
There are things on my mind,
Things I need to say.

So hold my hand in friendship,
We are joined forever in our hearts,
Friendship borne of God's blessing,
A kindred feeling ne'er to depart.

Walk with me in silence,
My heart is heavy, thus gray,
Your compassionate spirit,
Will help chase the blues away.

As a child you were always there,
To lighten my heart each day,
You hold a magic in your hands,
Strong as when youthful, I pray.

Many time we shared thoughts,
As we aged the endearment grew,
It has lasted through many years,
The splendor of friendship is you.

So come and walk beside me,
Let the magic work once more,
Of all the ones in life I've met,
It is your friendship I adore.

The healing has begun,
The magic is still there,
The ache lessens inside my heart,
Through love from a friend that cares.

Gayle Davis©
January 1, 2005








Music: "Full Circle"©

Written, Arranged and Performed
By: M. C. Shelly©
Used With Permission