~ An Hour With You~

Oh my darling, how I love you,
You are the essence of my soul,
You are the breath I breathe,
In mere words it cannot be told.

You make the sun shine in my day,
The moon glow on the clouds at night,
When you hold me in your arms,
The world just seems so right.

You are truly unforgettable,
A beautiful love, God blessed,
I thank Him each day's dawning,
He's given me the very best.

I may in my golden years,
Forget thoughts and deeds,
But you are unforgettable.
Our love has borne new seed.

In all my years I will remember,
Our love as precious as the rose,
The petals glow in awed beauty,
Blest love continually grows.

If you were e'er to leave me,
To go home before I,
I would forever seek the star,
The brightest in the sky.

I would know when I found it,
You are unforgettable to me,
I know you would shine so bright,
Unforgettable love I would see.

Gayle Davis
October 18, 2004

Copyright 2004 Grammys Gallery
Jean Ilderton. All Rights Reserved

Music: Unforgettable

Midi Sequenced By: Mel Webb
Used With Permission