~ An Hour With You~

True Love

Iíve heard so much about a true love,
And how wonderful it seems,
Iíve seen it begin sweet and end torn,
Lacking in spirit which gleams.

Iíve never known a true love as yet,
Some will say loveís fantasy,
But I know in my heart true loveís sweet,
Stirred up by God mine will be.

Our love will have moonbeams and roses,
Sprinkled with Godís sweet fragrance,
A true love changes not nor eíer fails,
Godís light ever shines brilliance.

True loveís one and only poised for each,
Will be primed by the other,
Wants and desires sweetly fulfilled too,
Flowers one love together.

Assured of Godís blessing is true love,
There'll be endless nights and days,
Giving love to God first for itís His,
Our love will bloom many ways.

Sondra McPherson
April 12, 2004©

Midi playing "Lovers Lullaby"
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