~ An Hour With You~

True Friendship

True friendship is built on trust
To be sure that's a must!
A true friend is always there,
You can rely on her, you can share,

You may tell her your deepest fears,
And as you cry, she also sheds tears.
She will always be there when you are in need
And pick you up when your heart does bleed.

She never gives up on you, as some do,
And she will color your life with a different hue.
If God brings you together, and opens your heart,
It will last a lifetime, even if it's a slow start.

True friends are rare, and precious few,
So if you have one, keep her, please do.
She will be such a blessing in your life
And never ever cause you strife!

She will go a country mile,
Just to do things to make you smile.
She will make sure you know that her love for you,
Was wrought by Jesus, and cemented with His glue.

If God has brought such a friend to you,
You must do your part, to keep it true
Then forever she will remain your friend
Just thank your Lord, for the friend He did send!




Artwork: Hazlenuts
by W.A. Bouguereau

Music: "You Tell Me Your Dream"
Redsal's Midis
Sequenced By: Redsal
Used With Permission