~An Hour With You~

True Friends

True Friends

In this day and age
Everyone needs a friend
A friend that is trustworthy
Honest and continually loyal

A true friend is someone you can tell
Your hopes and your dreams
Someone who will trust in you
As you can trust in them

A friendship is not a one sided affair
It is a bonding between two hearts
Who respect and trust in each other
Who will share their happiness

As well as the sadness in their lives
A true friend will never desert you
In your greatest times of need
As well, as always being there in joy

I'm so glad God blessed me
With such a loving, trusting friend
For in this chaotic world
Everyone needs True Friends

©Donna J. Kramer
Nov 11, 2004


Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies

By: Aristotle


Music: Because Of You

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Given



Assembled By: Donna