~ An Hour With You~

I knelt down upon my knees,
Slowly bowed my head in prayer,
It was as though a hand reached out,
Touching me with such loving care.

I felt the hand across my face,
Its nearness I felt suffuse,
I sensed such warmth and love,
I knew my Lord it was you.

Words flooded from my lips,
A river I could not slow,
The gentleness of the hand,
Encouraged them to flow.

I cried out my soul to you,
You held me as I prayed,
My heart is made new oh Lord,
Your blessedness has stayed.

I was touched by God,
When my sins were confessed,
I am a child of God today,
Under His shield so blessed.

Gayle Davis,
September 13, 2004




Music: "He Touched Me"
Sequenced By: Eleanor Adams
Used With Permission