~ An Hour With You~



In the evening when things are quiet,
And the day draws to an end;
I begin to think on tomorrow,
And wonder…what fate will send.

We'd all like to know the future,
It's just our nature, I suppose;
Guessing what tomorrow will offer,
Yet...no one really knows.

Except the one we call "Master"
Who knows the beginning and the end;
What we surely can expect of tomorrow,
Will be the mercy and love he sends.

Today...and the things there-in,
Leave us enough to worry upon;
So..let us not worry about tomorrow,
For so quickly it will be gone!

Judith Johnson Kypta
Copyright 1999






This photo was taken by Moon And Back at Sumpwapta Falls, Alberta, Canada.  It retains our sole copyright of course.

Music: "What A Difference A Day Made"

Sequenced By: Harry Todd (gitpicker)
Permission Granted