~ An Hour With You~

A sweet couple all nestled in a cove,
Savoring their rich love alone,
The tasting of romance to give flavor,
Bringing so much love to be sown.

Two loves united by God for some years,
Oh they love each other so much,
Together they'll be forever as one,
They’ll always have that special touch.

How they enjoy each other's happiness,
Pleasure’s in this cove together,
Enfolded their love stirs sweetness beyond,
Holding romance like no other.

Music ever sings humming through both hearts,
Sweetly a symphony performs,
His eyes dreamily stargaze into hers,
Together sweet passion so warms.

Sound and securely fulfilled in his arms,
Her eyes express how wonderful,
The man of her dreams to always be hers,
Together their love’s beautiful.

Two forever in love have sweet magic,
Eyes cling to one another's glance,
Sharing, loving, giving their all in all,
Together loves' are the romance.

©Sondra McPherson
October 13, 2004
*My Sweet Niece & Nephew*



Music: "Forever In Love"

Kenny G
Sequenced By: