~ An Hour With You~

Today When I Counted My Blessing

When I paused to count my blessings today,
I stopped and I thought of you,
And I remembered all the meaning you gave,
That helped me see life anew.

I thought of all the people in this life,
That has no friends to call their own,
I thought of all the heartaches in life,
And people that feel all alone.

I thought of Godís amazing grace on earth,
That helps us make it through each day,
I thought of all the sinners out there,
That have yet to turn Godís way.

I thought of all the trials people suffer,
That never seems to ever depart,
And I thought of all the friends God gave,
To bring joy and love to my heart.

Thank you Jesus, for every blessing here,
No matter how big or how small,
Please help me to be a blessing to others,
And help me be there if they should fall.

Ann Hart
Aug 7, 2004©



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Music: "I Knew a Friend"

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