~ An Hour With You~

 To Those I've Left Behind

"Don't weep for me"--you've heard me say:
For where I am going is by far a BETTER PLACE.
Don't grieve for me when you say your last good-bye.
Look; look-up is that an angel floating in the sky?

As I age; my mind races quietly; to the strolls in the park
It's early evening time-- just seems like yesterday;
Stopping only to rest, along the dim lit trail,
Pick up the pace, we gotta keep going, we must finish the race.

Don't wonder if I am hurting, don't wonder if I am sad;
Just know I'm here with Jesus---so my day can't be bad;
For here I have no cancer, my legs are good as new,
I've even kicked up my heels a time or two.

I've seen the Crystal seashore, and walked those streets of Gold,
I'll live and reign forever in that beauty these eyes behold.
Being in God's presence, and see his face aglo.
Shows me of those mansions; as told of years ago.

Don't weep for me when I am gone;
Keep pressing on--follow me home.

Susan Hutto

In Loving Memory
Mary Davis

Music: "Completely Healed"

Permission Granted
By: Elton Smith