~ An Hour With You~




Consider the Forest Primeval--the trees
have withstood the ravage of centuries,
yet in their peaceful serenity
give promise of eternity.

Ponder the slumbering mountains-the mist
sleepily awaits GOD's benevolent kiss.
Passive they stand in His Holy Trinity
and will forever stand thru' infinity.

TIME is a millenium or a nanomillesecond-
TIME is an element with which to be reckoned,
TIME is neverending ages untold--
and life is so troubled and brief,
life should be glittering as purest gold,
but TIME is nothing more than a thief.

Why then in the life of any man
should havoc and hatred rule his span?
Take TIME for yourself, look at the trees
and breathe in the GOD given, life giving breeze,
feel the peace engulf you and surround you,
let the beauty of the earth confound you.

Take TIME and gaze at the mountain--massive!
Excuding power and might-yet so passive.
TIME has taken it's toll thru' the years-
yet there they stand while TIME disappears,
they know no hatred or havoc or fright-
they just slumber on thru' day and night.

Why not make peace with TIME, my friend-
and enjoy your TIME in life to the end.

Betty C. Danielsİ
January 5/05




Music: "How Great Thou Art"

Sequenced By: Frank Schober
Used With Permission