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This little face haunts me.  As she stands at the window what is it she is watching and waiting for?

Throw Away Children

Two little children
Sitting by the side of the road
Barefoot, dirty and cold
Know one seems to care

Raggedy clothes
Sad with tears streaming
Down their little faces
Feeling they have been thrown away
Like yesterdays piece of trash

Throw away children
Lost and forlorn
No one to care
If they have clothes
To keep them safe and warm

Wanting love and protection
From the cruelty of their world
While the two small children
Are wondering how the cruelty
Could possibly continue on

Isn't it sad for us to contemplate
That our throw away children
Have to continue their lives living
In a throw away world

Donna J. Kramer


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Music: For The Children Of The World

Permission Given
By: Yuko Ohigashi