~ An Hour With You~

Through The Window

Look through the window of my heart,
I wait for You to respond,
Oh Lord, You won't like where I start,
I'm through waiting, time's beyond.

As You look through my heart's window,
You'll see my hope for love's gone,
True love's nothing but a shadow,
And my heart is worn and drawn.

I look through the window to You,
And I wonder why I've tears,
I know of no answer that's true,
Nothing's left but angry years.

Through the window of my heart see,
Billowing clouds rumbling through,
Why not, I've no husband to be,
Certainly not in my view.

I'll ne'er understand Lord why,
I've had to be all alone,
You give me Words of sweet reply,
Dear Lord, he's never yet shown.

Through the window to You I feel,
Humble and give him back now,
I don't believe that true love's real,
Forgive me, to You I bow.

©Sondra McPherson
August 12, 2004