~ An Hour With You~

Thoughts of A Child

One day my child came to me,
Looking a little confused;
His questions were asked in sincerity,
Yet, I couldn't help being amused!

Asking "Did you ever wonder,
Whenever we say our prayers;
How God can listen to everyone,
When he only has…two ears?"

"And, how does he look down to earth,
Can he see through…all those skies;
And know what we are doing here,
When he only has two eyes?"

"You say that Jesus is always near,
That he is never far away;
Then how can he be in the house with you,
And outside with me…while I play?"

Sitting down, with my little boy,
I explained…as best as I could;
His reasoning I did enjoy,
And I think he understood.

I told him that when Jesus
Left this earth that day;
He promised to send a "Comforter"
Down here with us, to stay.

When we ask the Comforter into our heart
He'll come right in…and stay;
That’s how he, with only two ears,
Can hear us when we pray.

The Comforter lives in those…that ask,
So, it really is not a surprise;
That he can see, all that we do,
With only his two eyes!

Yet…he is with everyone, everywhere
To guide all of us along our way;
He’s in my heart…while I'm in the house,
And he’s in yours, while your out at play.

Copyright 1998 Judith Johnson Kypta
(Revised August 9,2004)

II Chronicles 16:9a
For the eyes of the Lord run to and fro
Throughout the whole earth, to shew
Himself strong in the behalf of them whose
Heart is perfect toward him.


Music: "Jesus Was Born In My Heart!"

By Gilberto Barreto
Permission Granted