~ An Hour With You ~

Those Eyes Of Blue

I feel the sweetness of you in your eyes,
Sharing the very heart of you,
With such a gentleness in love that tries,
To draw me in those eyes of blue.

Oh how I see into those loving pools,
Springing our own love's rendezvous,
Romantic times, the giving of jewels,
The keeping of our love so true.

Gentle and gallant are your eyes of blue,
Unflinching your confidence stands,
Looking sweetly in my eyes you subdue,
While you hold me with your strong hands.

There's a mystery behind those blue eyes,
How their color envelopes me,
Gathering me in as your own love prize,
I'll be yours and we'll always be.

The secret of love is in the sharing,
Colors of eyes blue and amber,
They go together as one love caring,
Those eyes of blue I'll remember.

Sondra McPherson
April 8, 2004


Music:  "Love Is All"

Sequenced By Jack Hall Permissions Granted