~ An Hour With You~

This Ol' House

This ol' house once rang with laughter,
this ol' house once sang with joy,
from the cellar to the rafters
for the love it did employ.

This ol' house was like a beacon
in a dark and stormy sea
when a child of hers was floundering,
said "My son, come home to me"

This ol' house has seen some troubles,
and it heard a lot of song,
This ol' house embraced it's family
whether they be right or wrong.

This ol' house has many memories-
oh what stories it could tell-
like the day Bob slid down the roof top,
or the day the big snow fell.

Now her many rooms are silent
and her halls are dark and cold-
and this ancient lady falters-
her heart is getting old.

As now she's been abandoned,
only two are left at home,
Mom and Dad are aging and
the family chose to roam.

What heartbreak she is feeling!
Her structure weakens now,
and no one seems to notice
that her time is running out.

If you listen, you'll hear echos
of a time not long ago-
I think that she's remembering
as she's giving up her soul

Well--ol' house-you are a scrapbook
of a family filled with love--
and I think -GOD--in his mercy-
will lift your soul above

Betty C. Daniels
Oct. 17/04




Music: "This Old House"

Sequenced By: Glow Can Pick
Permission Granted