~ An Hour With You~



 This Love I Have For You

This love I have in my heart for you
It is not of anything earthly fame,
Its a love that comes from deep inside
And I share it in Jesus name.

Its a love that only one man can give
And he lives up in heaven above,
He came to live in my heart one day
And now it is full of love,

I see you as an angel here on earth
To help me fight for my life,
As I wait for God to deliver my trials
From all the heartaches and strife.

Sometimes it may seem like I donít care
Its the times I am speaking through pain,
I try so hard to fight it all alone.
But it lingers again and again.

If some days you donít hear a word
It does not mean I donít care,
I am just here fighting my battle
I still remember you are near.

From my heart straight to yours friend
You really mean the world to me,
And I will never forget you ever
Throughout the end of eternity.

Written By Ann Hart©
July 29th 2004.




Music: "Hope"

By: Margi Harrell
Used With Permission