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There Was A Girl And Boy

Once upon a time, a sweet girl and boy,
Fell in love sharing happiness,
Joy shone on their beautiful young faces,
A fairy tale wedding’s sweetness.

A beautiful bride in lovely white lace,
And handsome groom in grand tux pose,
Expressions of elegance in bouquet,
Blessed by God their love so arose.

Mirroring Cinderella and the Prince,
Oh they beamed dancing head to toe,
Beautiful sweet ones with such radiance,
No truer loves will e’er be so.

Beautiful flowers, white calla lilies,
Rosebuds of beauty graced their Ball,
Colors of blues and pinks set their Wedding,
All gathered to dance through nightfall.

Merriment with joy filled their parents’ hearts,
Enthralled with their newly weds,
Such enchantment flowed all over the room,
All beheld the turning of heads.

To reminisce of their love’s bliss is sweet,
It’s hearts that recall this beauty,
A sweet girl and boy on their Wedding Day,
Cinderella and the Prince' glee.

Sondra McPherson
(2002) June 14, 2004




The artist who has done this beautiful art
is unknown to me...if anyone recognizes it,
please E-mail me so credit can be given to the Artist.

Music Title:  Short And Sweet
An Original Composition By T. J. Moir

Used With Permission