~An Hour With You~

The Words In Your Eyes

Your eyes speak volumes,
I neer heard you say a word,
Yet each time you spoke,
The silent sound I heard.

Our eyes locked in conversation,
You and I both know the reason,
God has reminded us of a promise,
Heavenly love knows no season.

You are saying phrases,
Which captivate my soul,
You are making vows,
Of a love as yet untold.

My heart is kindled by you,
I want you to be so near,
The words you keep saying,
Have totally erased all fear.

God has given as He promised,
A chosen love for you and me,
We will be His example,
Of how a blessed love will be.

Gayle Davis
April 29, 2003


Midi playing "Who We Are"
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Artwork: Paola and Francesca
by Edward Charles Halle

Quote: "I love thee to the depth and breadth
and height my soul can reach..
~Elizabeth Barrett Browning

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