~ An Hour With You~


Yield to the word Oh precious child,
Accept God's word, before you written.
Rest in His Promise, It will carry you,
Through life's mazes in God's love smitten.

Take the guiding hand, He so gently offers,
Hold tight to the security, anchored in Heaven's home.
You will travel forth, in heroic decision,
Not left to wander, forever lost and alone.

The word of life, is a roadmap clear,
The pathways marked, you see all destinations.
Follow along the way of God, forgetting the shortcuts,
The treasure lies at the end, reach for it with salvation.

Heaven's portals shine, reflecting the brilliance,
Of God our Father, The source of Heavenís light.
He is the beginning, He is also the end,
He is omnipotence, keep Him forever in your sight.

Gayle Davis
September 6,2004©






©May, 2004

Music: "Shepherd Of Love"
Sequenced By: Eleanor Adams
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