~ An Hour With You~

Prayers carried to the Heavens,
On wings of pure white doves,
Given to heavenly angels,
God's messengers from above.

With wings as light as the air,
Swiftly they onward fly,
Carrying prayerful pleas,
Wrought by tear filled eyes.

Heavens streets are busy,
The angels work overtime,
Forever delivering prayers,
Needs of yours and mine.

Jesus tires not of our cries,
He love us all the same,
Waits until we woefully cry,
Forever watchful He'll remain.

Reaches out and takes a prayer,
Wraps it securely in His love,
Gently answers oh so sweet,
Upon the wings of a dove.

Gayle Davis
September 16, 2004


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Music: "On The Wings Of A Dove"

Sequenced By: Glow Can Pick
Permission Granted