~ An Hour With You~


The Time Is Now

Oh, Lord my soul is weary,
I look around me and see,
Moral values are sinking,
What reasoning can it be?

Hearts are so full of self-fulfillment,
Mouths are spewing hate not love,
Jesusí name suddenly we forbid,
Sacrilege hurled at the Lord above.

Insults are just a normal way of life,
Crime is more rampant than ever,
Blind eyes turned to immoral behavior,
Things akin to Christ we sever.

The time has come for us to kneel,
Pour out our hearts in sincerity,
Call out to the Father on high,
In prayers filled with loving intensity.

Forgiveness for the way we live,
Refilling of Godís wonderful spirit,
It is all there for the asking,
Christís love for us is inherent.

©Gayle Davis
March 7, 2004


Music: "Come Fill My Heart"

Elton Smith, Larry Holder and Steve Israel
Permission Granted