" An Hour With You"

The Thought of You

Just the thought of you takes my breath,
Oh I still see your smile,
And know of two who's love had depth,
It was for quite awhile.

Have you ever remembered me,
Our love was all so new,
My heart belonged to you to be,
Just yours without end true.

I really didn't know your mind,
Is your heart ever sad,
Just knowing you'll not again find,
The one true love you had.

Have you seen my face in your heart,
My smile lingering there,
We weren't meant to be apart,
But you strayed everywhere.

I still have just one thought of you,
That's my love thrown away,
And I feel such loss for you too,
For you lost me that day.

Are you glad we're not side by side,
There'll ne'er be us again,
True love like ours was to abide,
Have you e'er felt the pain?

Sondra McPherson


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