~ An Hour With You~

The Things That Bring Me Joy

Everyday is a new blessing for me
When I live to open my eyes,
To see the beauty god gave us
And see the sunshine up in the sky.

When days I have my heartaches here
My mind wanders far away,
To my beautiful home in heaven above
That is waiting for me someday..

When I think of my friends on the internet
My heart overflows with love,
For all the Joy they have given me
Thatís been blessed, by the Master above.

Tears flow down my face with gratitude
For all the love that was given to me,
Without you in my life each day
I could never feel this free,

Your prayers each day has made me
Strong enough to get me through,
A lot of heartaches I have
I conquered because of you.

My faith in God has doubled in size
From the encouragement everyday
That my friends on here, has given me
And all the blessings sent my way.

I love each of you in such a special way
For the caring that comes from you,
God knew the people I would need in my life
And He knew just what to do,

You are the reason I write this poem
And I speak these words from my
That as long as there's, breath in me
Our friendship will never part.

Written By Ann Hart
Oct 16th,2004©

For My Friends That Stood Beside Me
All The Love And Support You Gave Me
I Know It Came From Your Heart, I Love Each
One Of You, Thank You For Being You.




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Music: "Visions"
Composed and Sequenced
By: Andy Klapwyk

Permission Granted