~ An Hour With You~



Gather round my children
I've a story to be told
It's been around a long time
And it's very, very old.

God made man and woman
Their names, Adam and Eve
He promised them a real blessed life
If they would just believe.

They were in the Garden of Eden
And had all that they would need
Then, the good Lord told them
There's a warning you must heed.

The apple is forbidden fruit
And this you must not eat
But, neither of them listened
And were filled then with deceit.

It's true that they were tempted
A serpent saw to this
The serpent knew that he could take away
A life they'd surely miss.

We're born into a world
That's surely filled with sin
but if we put our trust in God
Our salvation we shall win.

God gave his one and only son
to save us from our sin
The very least that we can do
Is open-up and let him in.

God said that he would save us
All we have to do is ask
So, please just think about it
It's a very simple task.

Rebecca Ann Rence


Music: "Amazing Grace"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission