~An Hour With You~

The Spirit Of Winter

The spirit of winter
Begins when God sends
His lovely Blue Angel
With his cute little snow fairy

Down from their heavenly home
To welcome in the spirit of winter
Beginning with the beautiful little Fairy
Sprinkling snow all around
On the trees and all over the ground

Sparkling snow on playing children's
Stocking caps and rosy cheeks
As they romp and play
In the first spirit of winter

The Enchanting look of Icicles
On the trees and bushes
Looking like diamonds
As they glisten and shine

While the beautiful blue Angel
And her tiny sweet little companion
The cute little snow fairy
Welcome's in the first spirit of winter

Donna J. Kramer
Oct.8, 2004


Music: Beautiful Music

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Given



Assembled By: Donna