~ An Hour With You~

A Mother lay in a hospital bed,
The scent of roses filled her head,
A smile spread across her lovely face,
She was overwhelmed by God's Grace,
The Essence of roses, Oh she knew,
The Fragrance of Jesus was so familiar too.

He had come to visit this hospital room,
Preceded by the smell of roses in full bloom.
The nurses came following the scent,
Wanted to Know where all the roses went,
'Twas no roses you see my little dears,
The Presence of Jesus is right here.

The Essence that fills these white walls,
And escapes down the hospital halls,
'Tis the Fragrance of Jesus when He's near,
Don't step back, there is nothing to fear.
Jesus visits me when I am in need,
He hears me when in prayer I plead.

When you smell the roses, she gently sighed,
Jesus loves you and for you He died.
Evil men hung him upon a wooden Cross,
So our souls would not be lost,
As the blood ran from his pierced side,
He took our sins upon Himself as He died.

Remember forever when the scent you smell,
The Love of Jesus freed us from hell,
Sweet is the Fragrance of my Lord Jesus Christ,
I am so glad He is the very Essence of my life.
Don't forget the roses as you live God's way,
The Fragrance of Jesus you smelled here today.

©Gayle Davis
March 24, 2002

Midi playing "Touched By A Rose"
By: Bruce Deboer
is copyright © by

Used with permission.
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