~ An Hour With You~


The Red Rose

I see a rose in it's beauty,
Soft petals all perfumed.
I feel it saying "I love you",
From first when it does bloom.

A red rose from the one you love
Means oh! so very much.
It's almost like a part of them,
Is reaching out to touch.

Also it can bring memories,
Of love that's in the past.
Can bring tears in remembrance of,
A love that did not last.

They were created to bring joy,
A gift from heaven above.
For us to share with those around,
Especially those we love.

What a beautiful way to remind,
That love is felt for me.
I thank Him for the beauty that,
He made for me to see.

There could never be a doubt,
That my God is King:
Because only He could create,
The beauty that He brings.




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